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“Be afraid. Be very afraid.” – Geena Davis in The Fly (1986)

Okay, sure, Geena Davis was referring to her boyfriend’s slow, terrifying transformation into a six-foot human-fly when she uttered that famous line, but there’s a little bit of truth to it when it comes to regular house lies. Because of their prevalence, we often regard the common housefly (Musca domestica) with little more than annoyance, but by doing that we’re underestimating their hazardous potential.

So in regards to houseflies, maybe should change Davis line to: “Be concerned. Be a little concerned.”

The first problem with houseflies can multiply exponentially, so even if they seem like minor irritations now, it can be a much bigger issue in a short amount of time. A fertilized female will come into our homes and areas of business to lay her eggs in trash, decaying material (carrion) or pet feces. A female can lay up to 100 eggs at a time.

Maggots emerge from the eggs, and feed on the organic material for 2-5 days, at which point they turn to reddish-brown pupae. Pupae are often very difficult to locate, and are the scourge of many pest exterminators, who recommend keeping strict sanitary guidelines in your home or workplace to avoid a fly infestation.

Given their preference for unsanitary locales, it shouldn’t be a surprise that flies can transmit diseases. In fact, flies have been known to carry typhoid, cholera and dysentery – which would seem pretty normal in medieval times, but c’mon! We’re advanced to the point of being able to carry the Internet in our hands, and we still have to worry about typhoid? Nu uh, no way.

Flies carry diseases on their legs and the small hairs that cover their bodies, which become transferred when they land on garbage, carrion or feces. Then they become little instruments of biological war, spreading the pathogens to our food, our living spaces, and surface that they land on.

The housefly is the most common species found in San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties, but Lloyd Pest Control is experienced in handling other species, including fruit flies, blow flies, bottle flies drain flies and gnats.


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