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Residential Solutions

We’re one of the highest regarded pest control companies serving Long Beach, California that provides many exterminators, rodent control, and pest control services to the Long Beach area. We feel honored that you trust us with your pest elimination needs. We’re certain that we can provide you with some of the best Long Beach pest control services.

If you’re having any type of pest difficulty, be it bed bugs, termites, or spiders, then get in touch with Pest Control of Long Beach today by phoning us at (562) 485-6010. Our team prides itself on being honest and professional. We have many awards over the past several years to showcase us being the top pest control company in Long Beach.

Looking for Residential Pest Control in Long Beach?
Some of our Long Beach pest control experts concentrate specifically in residential pest control. Recently, our pest control experts are working a great deal of termite, spider, and bed bug exterminations. Even if your pest problem isn’t included on that list, it does not imply that we can’t help. Our pest control specialists are trained and masters of their craft to get rid of any pest problem you’re having at a reasonable price. You won’t find a better certified group of specialists anywhere.

"Thank you for the speedy services and super friendly staff!"

Lauren F.
Long Beach
"There is nothing worse than the pests are crawling around our family's house. Thank you for giving us the peace of mind!"

Jordan B.
Long Beach
"Super simple to get an estimate and for once a company didn't charge me for it! They came out to my house the next day and the problem was taken care of."

Rachel J.
Long Beach
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